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Product Line

JUPP HAHNER WINE WHOLESALE stands for highest quality. Longstanding, trusting contact with our wine-growers makes top quality and an excellent price-performance ratio. We carry a line of wines from Germany, Europe and overseas. Furthermore:
  • Sparkling wine and champagne
  • Schnapps, cognac, Armagnac, rum
  • extensive whisky selection
  • Sherry, port, Madeira
  • Well known brands of spirits
  • Delicacies to match the wine
  • Wine accessories

How we buy

When selecting our wineries we take a close look and make sure that we buy only high quality wines.

The personal and close contact with our wine-growers is particularly important to us. Therefore, we regularly visit the various regions, wineries and their cellars to talk with the winemakers about the latest vintages, the products and the quality of the wines. We ensure that our winemakers worldwide maintain responsible winegrowing and convince with their wines by variety of flavor and purity.

We are also pleased to being able to offer you increasingly organically grown wines from different wineries in France, Italy, Spain and Germany at an excellent price-performance ratio.

When choosing our winemakers the quality of their products, the purity, the diversity of taste and enjoyment rank first for us.

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