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Jupp Hahner Whisky Collection

unique – individually – authentic

For several years individual single casks are specially bottled for us by Bottlers. Unlike conventional bottlings in which many different barrels are combined to guarantee the same flavor profiles every year, our single cask bottlings maintain their maximum of individuality.

The whiskys are “unchill-filtered” bottled, i.e. the usual cold filtration is omitted in order to obtain all the flavors of the unique whiskeys. Of course, these whiskeys are dispensed with any coloring with caramel colour, as is usually done with standard bottlings for uniform staining.

With our bottlings we count exclusively on uniqueness and quality. The result are individualists which already are considered rarities. Compared to the original bottlings of distilleries these single cask bottlings are the more interesting products.

Whisky Sonderfüllungen in Trinkstärke – 46% Vol.

Aultmore NEU
Beaune Finish (Burgunder Rotwein Fass)
23 JahreSpeyside46%0,7 l135,–
Craigellachie NEU
Aloxe Corton Finish (Burgunder Rotwein Fass)
16 JahreSpeyside43%0,7 l89,–
Glendullan15 JahreSpeyside46%0,7 l79,95
Isle of Jura15 JahreIsle of Jura46%0,7 l69,50
Tomatin13 JahreHighlands46%0,7 l59,95
Tullibardine Bourbon Barrel17 JahreHighlands46%0,7 l52,50

Whisky Sonderfüllungen in Fassstärke – ca. 60% Vol.

Allt A Bhannie13 JahreSpeyside55%0,7 l69,95
Ardmore18 JahreHighlands47,3%0,7 l69,95
Braeval Bordeaux Finish12 JahreSpeyside60,6%0,7 l62,50
Clynelish14 JahreHighlands57,8%0,7 l82,50
Dalmore12 JahreHighlands58,6%0,7 l64,–
Dufftown15 JahreSpeyside59,2%0,7 l85,–
Glenburgie15 JahreSpeyside55,8%0,7 l89,95
Linkwood16 JahreSpeyside59,7%0,7 l69,95

Shieldaig Regionalwhiskys

Highland46%0,7 l34,95
Speyside46%0,7 l36,95
Islay46%0,7 l38,95

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